Kindergarten 2 Program


Kindergarten Two Program is developed to build children confidence in the classroom and in the world. The curriculum planned for this age group of children is to develop them holistically. Learning and development takes place in totality where all domains of development(physical, motor, cognitive, language, socio-personal, emotional, creative and aesthetic appreciation) are interrelated and act simultaneously.

Any new learning by children begins with awareness, which is generated from their experiences with objects, events and people. It ends with utilization where children are able to use what they have learnt for multiple purposes and apply their learning to situations. At this stage, children start exploring the next level of information and the spiral continues.

Teachers then planned the experiential  lessons in accordance with the children maturity level such that these lessons are challenging yet achievable. This will help to promote self-confidence, independence, aesthetic appreciation and creativity for self expression, investigation and experimenting. When children have confidence in themselves, they do better as they are eager to try new and harder things, they gain new skills and become more confident and capable.

  • Communication and Language Development

    Communication and Language Development

    Focusing on high quality children’s literature, Chows Group provides children with many opportunities to increase their language and communication skills. Their vocabulary and appreciation for the written word will grow...

  • Social and Emotional Skills

    Social and Emotional Skills

    Chows Group is full of activities created to increase children’s independence, allowing them to become more confident in their abilities. Cooperation becomes a key focus during this year, as six-year-olds...

  • Cognitive Skills

    Cognitive Skills

    Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. Chows Group focuses on your six-year-old’s increasing understanding of information and concepts. Children are encouraged to use their problem-solving skills when...

  • Physical Skills

    Physical Skills

    All gross motor skills are addressed in Chows Group. Gross motor skills include throwing and catching a ball, hopping, demonstrating balance, jumping rope, and other exercise activities. Fine motor skills,...

  • Character Skills

    Character Skills

    Chows Group believe it’s important to reinforce values introduced at home. Each month, a value, such as respect or generosity, is presented to your child through fun, daily activities, enabling...

  • Mathematics and Science Skills

    Mathematics and Science Skills

    Chows Group also focus on Math and Science concepts, which are vital Primary School skills. Children will explore the concepts of time, money and weight as well as continue to...