Playgroup Program


Playgroup Program is designed to develop and reinforce each toddler’s individual needs as he learns through his senses and stimulations.

Children participate in sensory-based learning experiences beginning with the action-based schemes of the sensory-motor stage and progressing to the symbolic, then logical, and finally to the abstract thought of succeeding stages.

The learning process of toddlers is closely intertwined with the development of sensation and perception.

Teachers thus design the classroom environment with multiple hands-on concrete materials as well as plan activities which helps children to make a better sense of the world they live in.


  • Emotional skills

    Emotional skills

    Chows group assists toddlers with exploring all of their emotions, from joy to frustration. Children begin to gain the skills needed, such as patience, cooperation, and sharing to deal with...

  • Social skills

    Social skills

    Chows group strives to instill pro-social skills, also known as “People Skills”. We start with the toddlers becoming aware of their classmates and move on to encouraging simple sharing activities....

  • Communication skills

    Communication skills

    Chows group’s caring teachers have a deep understanding of how toddlers communicate. They teach toddlers to put their wants and needs into words. Toddlers are encouraged to sing simple songs,...

  • Cognitive skills

    Cognitive skills

    Cognitive skills include thinking, learning, and the accumulation of knowledge. Chows group focuses on toddlers’ investigation of their environment. Your toddler will begin to sort toys by shape and color...

  • Fine motor skills

    Fine motor skills

    Toddlers’ fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, need to be stimulated in many different ways in order for them to process. Chows group offers a wide variety...

  • Gross motor skills

    Gross motor skills

    Chows group focuses on all gross motor skills, which include batting at objects, kicking, walking and running. Toddlers are encouraged to bat at beach balls suspended from the ceiling to...