“I’m parent of Muhammad Firdaus would like to say thank you to all teachers especially Teacher Zarina. She have seen Firdaus since the first time he enter school which was in 2014. Not forgetting Ms Sandy who always understand our situation especially on finance.


I’ve seen lots of improvement:


Initially I was quite worried that Firdaus can’t really speak well although he’s already 2 years old. But now he can speak English so fluently. He even tries to speak simple Mandarin. He’s now quite well behaved and disciplined. He even knows how to share his own things or food.


Throughout his education here, he learnt a lot and also changes to be a better person! He can memorize things fast also. I knew he will secretly practice his dance movements for his concert. Whatever he learns in school he will apply it at home.


I would like to thank all the teachers for all the hard work”.

Parent of Muhammad Firdaus*****


Thank you once again for giving us the chance to collaborate with your organisation. We really enjoy our time there.


The children are really active and have amazing teachers to guide them. Through this project, We better understand that a teacher’s job isn’t easy and requires a lot of patience.


We really appreciate all the teachers for being there with these group of children during the most important years of their development and helping out during our project.

Singapore Polytechnic student, Xue Bing*****



Dear teachers who have taught my daughter, Raelyn:


“It’s with a grateful heart that I am writing this thank you letter. Seeing my girl in her last year in a centre she had been taken in great care. All the teachers who taught here were wonderful; 4 years in the centre, she loved her teachers and, I know she is well-taught and loved by all of them.


When she was in N1, she could not adapt to the environment without parents. She will cry non-stop. Fortunately, Teacher Zarina, Mrs Teo, Teacher Xu, Teacher Yang and Teacher Zhang handle her fragile emotions when she was only 3 years old. It took a long time for her to settle and, me and my family were really glad that her teachers found ways to capture her heart.


Even though there’s staff changes, I was really happy that the teachers were able to bond well with my girl, not forgetting to mention Auntie Lily.  3 months ago, my girl was admitted for “UTI”. After her discharge, Auntie Lily sent regards to my girl. Upon knowing that she needs toilet trained, in Auntie Lily’s free time, she would help my girl to the washroom and told her that if she needs the washroom, she could approached her if she is free when the teachers are busy. I was really touched when my girl mentioned this to me……


There are many other teachers and assistant teachers, helper to thank. They have taken good care of my girl even though they are not the main teachers in her class. Lastly, I sincerely expressed my utmost appreciation to the following teachers for their good guidance in steering the childcare as well as their care & love for my girl


  1. Teacher Zarina – A very good and caring teacher, well-devoted in her duties. Responsible and all updates were cleared. Also bring my girl to the washroom and even help her to flush at times.
  2. Teacher Sandy – I remember once my girl was crying and I need to approach Sandy for subsidies and she allow my girl into her room, calming her down. A very caring & responsible principal.
  3. Mrs Teo – When my girl was in N2, as there were not many children in the early hours she would cry and Mrs Teo carries her and let her sit on her lap, talking, coaxing her, helping to tie her hair to calm her down. Mrs Teo would look out for more mischievous children that might accidentally pushed my girl down. She also informed and update me of P1 registration.
  4. Auntie Lily – My girl loved her cooking and always compliment her to me.
  5. Teacher Siew Huay – A cheerful teacher and also assist my girl in other ways.


Time flies and it’s going to be the last day of childcare for my girl. At her age, she may not feel the sadness of leaving a place where they have great memories, but for sure, her mummy I felt it strong as it signifies an end of a part of their childhood.


I am happy that this part was a memorable and enjoyable one.


Thank you very much to all teachers and staffs. Hope to see all of you again and hopefully can keep in touch.”

Mummy of Raelyn Quek*****



To: The Principal (Chow & Chows Child Care Centre @ Fengshan):


“Wholeheartedly we would like to extend our thanks to the teachers, supportive staff and management of Chow & Chows for giving my son a better education and care.

My son K.A Dhushyanth first walked into the child care in 2015 February as a N2 student with a lot of shyness in expressing himself. As usual, I was a very worried father desperately waiting to see if he can adapt to the new environment and learn.


With lots of care from teachers and child friendly environment, he was able to adapt to the child care within days. From there on, I had never seen him boycott or adamant to attend his regular classes instead he was a very happy person walking into his childcare. As days pass by, he had build up his confidence, fluent in his language and is very expressive at the moment.


All these changes in him were only possible because of the dedicated and kind teachers of your centre. Special thanks to Teacher Zarina for all her love towards the children and her passion to empower them in excellence.


Keep up all your good works and your service to empower children.”

With respect, Balakrishnan Karthic*****



Chow & Chows Childcare (Fengshan)


“Our son Zenith was 18 months old when he joined Chow & Chows. He had progressed along the way, learning new knowledge on visual arts & music. Throughout his two years at Chow & Chows, he had also developed a keen interest in active learning, sports and gymnastics.”


“We appreciated that the teachers at Chow & Chow “Teacher Zarina, Teacher Veronica, Teacher Faye, Mrs Teo, Teacher Siew Huay, Teacher Rochelle and also principal Ms Sandy for the guidance and care rendered to Zenith. And not forgetting auntie Lily & Judy who also showered a lot of love for our bubbly and at times, mischievous son. Thank you.”


Parents of Ng Zenith*****



To Chow and Chow Center (Bedok Branch);


I like to extend my thanks to all the staff involved in helping my daughter grow her emotional confidence and her communication skills.


When I first applied my daughter in your center, she was unable to talk and was low in confidence that prevented her from communicating her needs and opening herself to new languages and communication.


Through the patience and encouragement of the teachers, she was able to start eating on her own within the first two months of attending N1 class. Within a few months, she is able to say her first words. The teachers are considerate to attend to her likes and use them to develop and grow her weaknesses. Now my daughter has grown into a bubbly and confident kid who is able to not only communicate her needs and wants independently and also develop good social communication with her peers. Above all, she learn to take steps by her own to improve herself through asking me to read stories with her and also involve herself in sports like swimming and ball games.


Thanks again for nurturing my daughter into an outgoing person and equipping her with what is needed to progress.


Extended thanks and regards from Clara parents *****



To all the Teachers and Staff at Chow & Chows Child Care Centre @ Fengshan Community Centre:


My daughter Yan Yun is leaving Chow & Chows in 2 weeks time and we wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you for making Yan Yun 2.5 years in school so enjoyable both for her and for us.


The affection and personal attention she has received from Teacher Zarina and her teachers & Lao Shi has not only helped her learn pre-school basics but allowed her to fully enjoy the whole experience of school with a positive attitude.


As Yan Yun was diagnosed with mild autism, it is hard for us as a parent to trust another to treat their child with sensitivity and care but Yan Yun’s teachers made it easy for us as parents to send her to school without worry. Also Ms Sandy How, the “heart” of the child care centre was actively involved in creating the warm and nurturing environment that distinguishes this school. Given Yan Yun condition, Ms How never excluded her from yearly graduation performances. Instead she and all other teachers have put in extra effort to guide and groom her. We are thankful with the Love and Care that Ms How, Teacher Zarina and all other teachers & staff given to Yan Yun.


Without them, Yan Yun won’t be what she is today. In all we have had a very happy experience with Chow and Chows @ Fengshan CC and it is with great regret that we say goodbye to all of you.


Our best wishes and warmest regards, Parents of Yan Yun *****



To the Principal and Teachers:


We would like to thank the teachers and care takers at Chow and Chow. Our daughter Caelyn has had a good time, and thoroughly enjoyed her time with you. Many thanks for your kind care and attention in making her time a joyful one.


Parents of Caelyn *****



Dear Mdm,


Gareth joined Chow & Chows’ Fengshan Centre in 2012, and I must say that he has spent many wonderful days and birthdays in your centre. His favourite activity is Gymkids on Wednesdays, and he adores his teachers, in particular Teacher Zarina, Xu Lao Shi and Teacher Charmaine. Many teachers are loving and caring, and we must thank them for taking such good care of our son. We are grateful for the role that Chow & Chows has played in his formative years and we would like to wish the centre and everyone thereat all the very best.


Mother of Gareth*****



Dear Principle,


We have enjoyed the services that Chow & Chows has provided over the months. Thank you and all teachers for the care given to Ada.


Ada Mother*****



My daughter Jivanthika has enrolled in school, Chow & Chows since she has been 18 mths. The teachers of Chow & Chows have been very diligent in looking after Jivanthika. Jivanthika is 6 yrs old now and will be graduating. She has learned good values and habits which do surprise us. She has also done well academically and Chow & Chows has all activities which we have enrolled her and she learnt much from the teachers of Chow & Chows.


I am expecting another baby and have no worries of looking for another childcare. Chow & Chows would be our 1st choice and the Best Choice! Thank you teachers & also the caring amma!


With lots of gratitude, mummy of Jivanthika*****



Dear teachers and staff at Chow & Chows Childcare,


Mohandas went to Chow & Chows Childcare when he was 25 months and back then, he could barely communicate with others and feed himself. As parents, we were naturally concerned and worried. But now, we must say that the boy has become very confident and he is able to converse effectively. His social emotional skills and general knowledge are also well-developed due to the well-planned curriculum and conductive environment.


We can proudly say that our boy is definitely ready for next year.


The teachers and staff have done a wonderful job in nurturing and caring for the students. He has been blessed with many responsible teachers and aunties from the time he was in 2 years old till now……their quest to guide the young children is not always easy and must say that their efforts are really commendable.


Heartfelt thanks to all who made a different to the kids in their preschool education. Great job and keep up the good work.


Best regards, parents of Mohandas*****



Dear Teachers,


Our child Zi Jun has joined the centre not long ago but we have seen great development and achievement in his abilities. We noticed he starts developing interest in reading and singing, expanding vocabulary as we heard new words from him. He has become more independent where he is able to wear clothes, shoe and even bath by himself.


We like the monthly review and Facebook posting of our child, updating us on the activities done at the centre. We believe you have create a very good learning environment for the children.


Please keep up the good work and hope to see more development in our children. Thank you.

From parents of Zi Jun*****



Dear Teacher Sheila & Chen Lao Shi,


Thanks for all the guidance and patience for Gareth throughout his kindergarten days. Gareth has been showing great improvement on academic and personal development which these skills will help the children a long way for their future with entering their Primary school education.


Really appreciate all the support and understanding ……

Cheers, parents of Gareth*****



Dear Chow & Chows Childcare,


We would like to thank all the teachers. Special THANKS to Teacher Punetha, Chinese Teacher and the Principal Lakshmi. We greatly appreciate the hard work, care and concern given by all the teachers to my daughter.


There are loads of positive development in Toshani. She will always come home and sing the songs that she learnt in school. She inhibits politeness & courtesy at home which I strongly believe that the teachers in school have taught her well.


We are very happy to see the good impact on her development, and we are looking forward to see Toshani progress into the Nursery 2.

Sincerely, parents of Toshani*****