Nursery 2 Program


The Nursery Two Program is designed to inspire the children to be creative and interactive whereby the curriculum is planned into termly thematic units.

Children acquire new kinds of visual discrimination when they learn to read.

They must begin to pay attention to consistencies and variations of letters and text. They will experience regularities differences among similar stimuli that helps them to distinguish perceptual events. This experience is an indispensable part of learning to read.

Teachers inspire the children to examine, create and share their experiences as they broaden their language through interactions with their peers and teachers in a safe, nurturing environment. Teachers also actively support the language development through social interaction, promote self-expression, imagination and creativity.



  • Social and Emotional Skills

    Social and Emotional Skills

    As children becomes preschoolers, their social and emotional skills need the guidance of a nurturing teacher. Chows Group is full of activities designed to increase children’s independence, allow them to...

  • Communication and Language Development

    Communication and Language Development

    Communication entails more than just speaking words; it’s expressing thoughts, wants, and needs. Communication also involves listening and understanding what others are saying. Chows Group offers children many opportunities to...

  • Cognitive Skills

    Cognitive Skills

    Chows Group addresses four-year-olds’ increasing cognitive skills which include problem solving and logical thinking. Children will be encouraged to use their creativity and curiosity when they encounter new tasks, such...

  • Character Education

    Character Education

    Chows Group believe it’s important to introduce children a wide variety of character traits. Each month, a value, such as humor or trust, is presented to your child throughout day....

  • Physical skills

    Physical skills

    Chows Group focuses on all gross motor skills, which strengthen the large muscle groups of the body, including arms and legs. Gross motor skills include jumping, kicking, throwing and catching...

  • Mathematics and Science Skills

    Mathematics and Science Skills

    Chows group also focus on Math and Science tasks, which are vital school readiness skills. Children will be introduced to patterning, classifying and identifying shapes. The teachers will provide many...